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Baby Naming / Welcoming Ceremonies

“The day you came into our lives, we knew what our purpose was. To love and protect you with everything we have” - Unknown

This is a beautiful ceremony where parents can celebrate the arrival of their bundle of joy and introduce baby to family and friends.


This is a growing trend in Ireland as more and more non-religious schools are opening and a more multicultural society is emerging.

Parents may like to officially name their baby and bestow good wishes, promises and commitments at this ceremony. Ceremony Enhancements can be included, for example:

  • Dedication from parents

  • Selecting and Naming the Baby’s Guardian

  • Hand or Foot Print

  • Keepsake Box

  • Oils on Wrists, Feet, Head

  • Naming Day Book

There are many others and families may like to create their own. To find out more, get in touch below.

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